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Black Curve


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No fundraising or mining! Chunk is distributed fairly to give users an equal portion for no fee. By dividing the total amount of coins in circulation and distributing evenly, we aim to provide the cheapest and most transparent point of entry. All usernames will be posted to publicly verify the distribution transaction. There will be an initial distribution of 498,000 Chunk. These will be spread evenly among all those who decide to claim their free coins. Following the deadline for claim, we will do '498k / users = amount per user' as the formula to get a set value for everyone. Chunk will not ever have a mandatory hard fork, as long as the network is working as intended. What is being presented to you today will be what is used for the life of both us, and the coin.

Coin Specs

How it works

  • Only 240 Minute Staking Maturity
  • DarkSend Anonymous Messages
  • DarkSend Anonymous Transactions
  • Lightning Fast InstantX
  • 20x max byte size of BTC
  • Low transaction fees
  • Scaling reward between 0 and 5
  • Higher rewards as network matures
  • Automated Supernode Setup (One Click)
  • Block Crawler inside the Qt wallet
  • New Age MultiSig transactions for security


What they are

Supernodes are responsible for processing anonymous transactions, anonymous messaging, and InstantX confirmation availability. These nodes are rewarded with 50% of the staking reward and are placed in a queue system to not skip anyone's Supernode. Anyone can host a Supernode! Depending on how many users claim their free coins, some may be available very shortly after launch. Supernode collateral amount is set to 5000 CHUNK. You are free to host as few or as many as you would like. Proxied, and Tor, Supernodes can be monitored locally on one machine. Automated Setup makes it quick and easy to run your Supernodes. No need for any technical knowledge and conf file blunders!

For 0.25 BTC, you will have a Supernode hosted for one month. Upon receipt of initial payment, user will be given the Private Key for the hosted address. A Supernode will be set up, and hosted, for one month from the date of receipt. At that time, user will be fully responsible for future plans. You will receive, in addition to one month of hosting and setup, the 5000 Chunk required as collateral, as well. When you receive the private key, you are free to move the coins off that address to your own if you'd like.

To sign up, send a PM by clicking here and I will give you a unique BTC address