Welcome to Chunk PVP



We're Chunk PVP - a building-oriented 7 days to die server

A quick few facts about us:

  • We were established in January of 2022 - we're new here, be nice. We're learning this as we go!
  • We have 200%XP gain and double the loot
  • We do not allow griefing/base destruction
  • We reset Cities and our PVE Zone every Friday at 6:00PM EST
  • We aim to restart the world/seed every 2 months.
  • We are a building-oriented server first. PVP, while encouraged and (very) fun, is ultimately secondary. We expect those playing here to govern themselves accordingly.
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    Join our community!

    Want to get to know one another better? Become more active in the community in general? Check out our Discord!



    Donations appreciated - but never required!

    For those wanting to help support the significant costs and time that goes into the running this server by donating $10 - we have some donor perks as a means of saying thanks:

  • Start with 25,000 bits - our ingame shop currency - non-donor players only start with 10,000
  • Get the ability to set and use 10 teleport locations - non-donor only players get 1.
  • Double the bits for time spent in-game and zombies killed.
  • Donor role in our Discord - with access to Donor only VC.

  • All donation perks are for the duration of 30 days. Perks do not carry over between wipes, but we try to be very transparent about impending wipes.

    Donate - $10.00

    P.S. Donations are not refundable. You're doing this to help with server costs, and the perks you get as a result are really just our way of saying thanks at the end of the day. It is not intended to be viewed as a purchase/sale. Only proceed if you're comfortable with that. Please allow for up to 48-72 hours for the admin to update your account.



    Vote for our server!

    Another way to help support our community is by voting for us on this public server list

  • By voting for us here, up to once daily, you will get 5000 bits - our ingame shop currency, which you can spend on ammo etc!
  • In the future, top monthly voters may also get prizes for doing so.
  • At the end of the day, by voting for us you're helping grow our community, which means more folks to play and have fun with :)

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    Server setup:

    For those curious about what this is all running on, and the infrastructure behind it all:

  • Intel Xeon CPU
  • 48GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD for backups
  • Offsite backups via BackBlaze
  • Server management via CSMM/CPM, hosted on an additional VPS
  • Report a rule breaker/cheater:

    Need to report a rule violation? You can do so here.